Maui Insights

Build complex surveys with ease.

Use data to better understand
team performance and culture.

Build & host self, team, and
360° assessments

Leverage out-of-the-box templates,
expert-vetted and ready to use.


COMING 2021.

The assessment and survey building platform you’ve been waiting for….

Whether you’re a manager, a training and development professional, a university, or a research pro – you desperately need a better option for building self, team, and organizational 360° assessments and complex surveys. We know because you’ve told us.


We’ve built assessments leveraged by Fortune 500 companies, and after decades of experience in the trenches with the leadership of some of the top Training & Development organizations in the world, we heard your call.  And we’re responding to it.


Maui Insights is a new caliber of assessment and survey creation. It is a platform based on what’s been missing, needed, and valued by professionals like you. 100% a product of the feedback from T&D pros, researchers, and universities – both corporate and traditional, Maui Insights is an assessment & survey creation platform that finally gives you the perfect mix of functionality that you’ve needed and asked for, and the value you haven’t been able to get with the other options you’ve used.


With you in mind, we’ve built this platform and suite of assessment and survey development tools to be so flexible, secure, powerful, customizable, and easy to use that it will give you an experience and value that is paradise.


Welcome to Maui Insights. Launching 2021.


Got a question? Want to know more? Interested in being notified of Maui Insight’s progress and launch? Just let us know.